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PeakBot has already revolutionized the options trading industry with our automated trading platform—now we're unleashing real-time alerts so everyone can take advantage of our strategies!


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Daily alerts that give the best trade setups for market-tested options strategies. Trade our winning strategies with us!

  • Credit Spreads
  • Iron Condors
  • The Wheel


Our watchlists curate data from the best positioned tickers for each of our strategies. Everything is laid out in an easy to read format to keep you informed when making your own trading decisions!


New to trading options? PeakBot is beginner friendly. Enjoy a quick Options 101 course as well as short tutorials showing you how to place options trades on Robinhood, Webull, Schwab, E*Trade, Tradier, tastytrade, Public, and more!

Sneak peak of the Credit Spread watchlist


How it works:

Step 1: Receive the alert
Receive trade alerts complete with all information needed to quickly place trades.

Step 2: Place your trades
Log into your brokerage account and place trades using the details in your alerts.

Step 3: Set profit targets
Once your orders fill, place your closing at the indicated take profit level. That's it!


People Love PeakBot

PeakBot is exactly what I needed…

PeakBot is exactly what I needed to help me start trading options. In the past I have been your basic retail trader and seen some modest gains. In my first month trading The Wheel with PeakBot, my total account gained 16%..which is 10%-12% more than I initially thought. I followed the watchlists they provide, checked for companies that were reporting earnings and used PeakBot..nothing complicated. My account is still growing by 1-2% a week. Can't say enough good things about the experience. They have made me a huge fan of the product.

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John V

I started with PeakBot and my TD…

I started with PeakBot and my TD Ameritrade account in March. I’m up 45% in four months running the Wheel (puts/calls). Every Sunday I recalibrate my contracts based on their recommendations. The team is responsive and am very happy with the results, service and support. They publish all ticker results weekly for open transparency. I intend to up my investment shortly to take advantage of the system.

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Sam H

PeakBot does exactly what they say it does…

PeakBot does exactly what they say it does & it allows me as new trader to see consistent gains in the stock markets without sitting in front of the charts all day everyday. I would give it 6 stars if possible. The support team are knowledgeable, courteous, patient & prompt with their responses. PeakBot is for new traders like myself & for seasoned traders looking for some automation. Give ot a try, you won't be disappointed!!

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Brian I

PeakBot removes stress and makes you $$$

I have always tried to dabble in trading outside of some more structured investments (401k, IRA, etc) but never felt like I was able to keep up with the amount of time needed to really succeed. PeakBot has allowed me to not only feel confident that I am trading correctly but has shown results month-over-month that I would never be able to achieve alone! PeakBot is a MUST-HAVE for busy traders who want to still have a say in their investments.

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Stephen A

Great service. Great outcomes

I have been using the 'wheel' with options for three weeks and have accrued total profit of 9% completely hands off. Will see if it continues, but the PEAKBOT founders are quick to respond to your questions and offer amazing support. I am overjoyed with my experience thus far!!!!

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Gerry L

Win Rates

About PeakBot

PeakBot is an automated options trading platform that empowers retail traders of all experience levels to take advantage of the high win rates that options selling has to offer. We automate trades on the traders behalf as well as provide alerts to those that prefer to trade manually. Our passion is to help the retail trader win!!